How This Works

Where did we get our information from?

We have made our recommendations by talking to candidates to discover their views, consulting leading pollsters, and analysing the results of local, European and national elections before identifying the candidate backing a People’s Vote who is best placed to win. We have consulted both public and private polling figures.

How are we making our decisions?

We have used used every piece of data publicly available (and quite a few only privately!) to determine the pro-People’s Vote candidate that is best placed to win in each constituency. In additional to three different MRP (Multilevel regression and post-stratification) models, we also take into account other polling, electoral pacts, election results and the insight we have into the campaigns to determine our recommendations. We also take into account a candidate’s voting record, and will invite them to sign a pledge committing them to support a final say referendum if elected.

We are backing candidates not parties

As an independent, cross party campaign, we will back whichever pro-People’s Vote candidate we believe is best placed to win. There will be tough choices to be made by all of us if we’re to stop Boris Johnson’s No Deal and secure a final say referendum. If the polls change, we will factor those in too. As a single-issue campaign, our decisions are not influenced by a candidate’s policy positions other than whether or not they support a final say referendum.

We will update our recommendations

As not all of the candidates have been announced, we have left some seats as “TBC” as more information comes in we will add recommendations in these areas, so keep your eyes peeled on your seat.

Why are we focusing our campaign on 100 seats?

This election will be incredibly close, and it will likely be only a handful of seats that will determine whether or not we win the fight for the final say. It has never been more important to focus our resources where they matter most.