Tactical voting for a People’s Vote

Your vote could be the difference between the people having the final say on Brexit, or Boris Johnson imposing his disastrous hard Brexit plans on us.

Voting tactically is the best way to make your voice heard and ensure that there is a majority for a People’s Vote. Fill in your postcode below to see our recommendation!

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Why vote tactically

We now have a historic opportunity to change the course of history, and elect a parliament who believe that the people, not Boris Johnson, should have the final say on Brexit.

Here’s the bad news: Boris Johnson wants to use this election to force a destructive hard Brexit on us – the people. In our electoral system, he could sneak his disastrous plans through, even if just 30% of the population vote for him.

But we can stop him.

How to win the election

There are a group of marginal seats that will be determined by just a handful of votes. These seats will determine whether or not we win the fight for a People’s Vote.

Click below to find your nearest battleground seat and join the fight.

Who should I vote for?